Modular partition system

Have it Your Way

Introducing Modwall. We’ve developed a modular partition system that transforms fitouts quickly and efficiently.

Modwall can be configured with impressive flexibility. Our pre-fabricated walls, glazing and doors can be easily assembled for any make-good and end-of-lease refresh. We can often create a new office layout in a weekend to reduce office downtime.

Another benefit is that our materials are reusable. You can dismantle and reassemble them in a new location to save money and reduce waste.

With Modwall, you get a partition solution that combines practicality, affordability and visual appeal. Modwall’s system is soundproof for greater office harmony and enhanced productivity.

With Modwall, you can have it your way.


Easy set-up

Modwall installation is quick and stress-free. Since we’re highly skilled and experienced, most of our set-ups are finished in a few days. The benefits for you and your clients are less disruption and faster turnaround time between leases.


Modwall is an affordable solution. The total cost of ownership is 50% of a conventional system over five years. There are no demolition costs when it comes time to change interiors – simply dismantle and move your Modwall to its new location.


Our modular system has countless configurations. You can interchange materials and finishes to customise your interior:

  • Solid panels come in a range of attractive colours
  • Glazed panels have a choice of flexible frame and configuration options

Sound performance in offices is an important aspect of user comfort. Our glazed panels are double-glazed to assure noise is kept to a minimum. The wall panels use acoustic technology to achieve a sound rating of db55, which is about as quiet as a library.

Less Waste

Many clients are increasingly demanding environmentally responsible products. That’s why Modwall uses steel and glass that is reusable and results in less waste. Our system produces much less waste than traditional partitions because it is 100% reusable.

Form Meets Function

Modwall looks great in any configuration and in any space.

Our modular system of walls, glazing and doors fits together perfectly to create professional, great-looking spaces without the hassle.


Modwall is a modular solution that works for a wide range of interiors. It enables you to design your own fitout with a fast, flexible, versatile and practical system of interchangeable walls, doors and glazing.

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You can choose from 32 colours that represent that most popular interior colour palette.



Our modern, stylish doors are also fire resistant, sound-proof, secure and safe. Choose from 8 options including:



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We have a range of modern frames, including different colours, set-back and frameless designs.


How it Works

Our process is straightforward. If you’re a property manager who needs a new office configuration, fitout or end-of-lease refresh, get in touch with Modwall.


3D Model


Production 12 Days

Installation 2-3 Days

After you explain your concepts and ideas, we create a concept design and seek your feedback. Once we’ve made any modifications you’ve requested, we produce a 3D model.

This model represents a proof of concept, and we can still make changes at this stage. Upon your final approval, we sign the contract.

Approximately 12 weeks later, we’re able to install your new Modwall customised office partition solution.

It’s flexible, versatile, practical and attractive – so you can have it your way.

Who we are

Modwall is an Australian-based company passionate about delivering flexible spaces for business. Our team is lead by Dean Ossip and Lisa Mort.

Dean Ossip


Lisa Mort